things people are saying about the folks we work with

Nearly a quarter of all American workers know of a co-worker who has had sex with someone from work.

People are 4 times more likely to say their co-workers have pilfered someone else’s food from the office fridge than they are to admitting to such theft themselves.

Microwaved fish, burnt popcorn, mysterious bathroom odors, and farts top the list of most hated office smells.

14% of Democrats have cheated on their spouse with a co-worker.
While only 5.5% of Republicans have cheated on their spouse with a co-worker.

71% of workers do not want their co-workers on their social networks.

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Division of Labor is not a government agency. So if your nanny is in the country illegally,
we really don't care.

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If you don’t have an idea, it doesn’t matter what media you use.

Aug 29, 2012

We saw this graphic today about the complex world of social media. And it kinda reminded us about something.

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Standing by Lance.

Aug 27, 2012

Lance Armstrong’s greatest accomplishment has nothing to do with winning. He didn’t just beat a bunch of spandex-wearing Europeans up a mountain. He beat the odds. He beat cancer. And the USADA can’t take that victory away from him. Lance cheated death and he gave millions of people what they need most, hope.

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